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In upholding our responsibilities as a care at home provider we strive to promote independence, citizenship and empowerment, enabling choice and control. We aim to respect the rights for dignity and diversity and care and protection for vulnerable people. In addition, we strive to significantly improve the quality of life for people with health and social care needs and to ensure our services are of the highest quality and effectively meet the needs of our service users.

Our future aims are to continue to develop the idea that our services should be personalised to the needs of the individual service user within their own circumstances and environment. We also will continue to recognise and support integrated partnership working as a way forward to the foundation and promotion of independence, social inclusion and equitable access, rights and choices for the people using our services.


A life where every person is valued, included, empowered and safe.


Our services underpin the principles of:

Inclusion: to include and listen to our service users and their families.
Dignity: people will receive high quality services which incorporates personalisation including respect, privacy and autonomy.
Self-determination: people will have individual choice and control over preferences.
Accessibility: all people will have access to a range of opportunities for maintaining their quality of life.
Person-centred: all people will be listened to and supported in taking control of their care.
Prevention: empower people to maintain independence.
Protection: ensuring there are sensible safeguards against the risk of abuse and neglect.
People: developing a workforce which provides care and support with skill, compassion and imagination.


Is to ensure that our service users receive person centred care specific to them, to assist them to be involved in the choices that are made to enable them to achieve the positive outcomes that meet their needs and support their family improving their quality of life.


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