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Primecare Health Ltd delivers 2 different services: Care at Home; and Autism Services.


Care at Home service has the following aims and objectives:

  • We aim to support people to achieve their personal goals of living independently in their own homes.

  • We aim to enable those we support to be connected with their communities, have social stimulation and build positive relationship with others.

  • We aim to reduce social isolation and number of people with additional needs who are feeling lonely.

  • We aim to provide our care and support service by respecting individuals’ choices, encouraging people to control all aspects of their lives. Primecare recognise individual differences and strive to respect the rights for dignity and diversity.

  • We are also dedicated to protecting all vulnerable members of our society by fulfilling our obligation under registration with Care Inspectorate and Adult Support and Protection Scotland Act 2007.

Autism Services specialise in delivering community-based service to those with autism spectrum disorder diagnoses along with other complex needs:

  • We aim to support autistic individuals to fulfil their potential by supporting them to learn life skills and build their independence.

  • We aim for autistic individuals to be included with all aspects of their support planning.

  • We aspire to support autistic individuals to be able to communicate by giving them and using the preferred method of communication including any accommodating tools.

  • Wherever possible, we will encourage autistic individuals to access further education or undertake employment.

  • We aim to support people with autism to reduce their own anxiety by introducing structure and routine in their life and by creating a supportive environment that meets individuals’ sensory needs.

  • We aspire people with autism to fully access all community facilities and be included in society.

  • The service aim to raise awareness of autism within our geographic area.

  • This service also is dedicated to keep users safe from any harm, neglect or abuse.   

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