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Holiday pay is calculated depending on your work pattern. There are two methods used:


  • Fixed working pattern (office) – fixed 28 days holidays            

  • Rota – calculated using the ’12.07% rule’



For office-based staff, salaried staff, a maximum of 28 days holidays is available.


For rota-based staff, the ’12.07% rule’ is used to calculate the number of holidays accrued.


  1. Sum the numbers of hours worked from the start of the holiday period till present.

  2. Multiple (1) by 12.07% - this calculates the number of holiday ‘hours’ accrued till present.

  3. Over the previous 52week* (Holiday Pay Reference Period), calculate the average hours worked in a day.

  4. Divide (2) by (3), this calculates the number of ‘Holiday Days’ that you have accrued.

  5. Holiday pay is your hourly rate x (3) x number of days holiday requested.


* There is online guidance on how to calculate the ‘Holiday Pay Reference Period’ depending on how many weeks worked figures are available.


The number of ‘Holiday Days’ accrued is capped at a maximum of 28 days by the company.

Guidelines for Holiday Requests


  • A minimum of 4 weeks must be given for a holiday request.

  • The number of concurrent staff off in each area is limited – please check with your coordinator.

  • If your holiday request + previous holidays exceeds your available holidays, then managers discretion will be applied to granting the holiday request. Holidays may be granted at mangers discretion and be unpaid if hours haven’t been accrued. 

  • For the Christmas period, care staff are required to work either the Christmas or New Year period. On the lead up to the Festive period, staff will be polled for the preferred choice, however the company cannot guarantee that this can be honoured. Two Holiday days must be held back to cover for this period.

  • Do not book or reserve holidays in advance until your holiday request has been approved.

  • Holidays accrued during the year, but not taken, cannot be carried over to the following year.

  • Towards the end of the holiday year, there is generally several people with unused holidays. Please make sure your request is submitted in time to ensure that they can still be granted, remembering that there is a limit to the number of people that can be off at the same time.

  • The start and end dates of the next Holiday period will be communicated to all staff prior to the start of it.

Procedures for requesting a holiday


  1. Staff should complete a holiday request from that is available via the website, complete the form, giving as much supporting information as possible.

  2. The holiday request will be reviewed by your manager. They will then confirm with the coordinators that your holidays will not clash with existing requests from other staff and that the number of days requested does not exceed your available days, managers discretion may be applied if this is the case. This confirmation / refusal / alteration will be communicated to you.

  3. Your agreed holiday will now be entered onto the Primecare Holiday log and processed in the next relevant salary.


Internal Holiday Process


  • The holiday form is completed on the website. The form is sent automatically to

  • On prompting by arrival of the holiday email request, the accrued holidays/available holidays are calculated by HR and passed to the coordinator/Manager for consideration.

  • The coordinator agrees/alters the holiday request based on supplied data. Coordinators may negotiation with the staff to accommodate request / company needs and then pass final judgement back to Manager for review.

  • Manager approves/reviews/passes back to coordinator for adjustment holiday recommendations, then passes to HR group for holiday processing once agreed.

  • HR group process the holiday as per normal on the system, the outcome of the holiday process is communicated back to the individual requesting the holiday.

  • Holiday pay is calculated at salary time and added to the staff pay information for processing by Primecare Health’s accountants.

  • Holiday pay is detailed on staff epayslips.



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